Stuff The Bus

Mall at Johnson City welcomes the STEAM BUS to the community. The STEAM BUS will be a new benefit to the Johnson City School System and will be featured at our back to school event.

The STEAM* Bus is a high-tech mobile science lab that will travel to all Johnson City elementary schools starting in September, 2018.

The Johnson City Public Schools Foundation will be purchasing all technology and supplies for specially designed lessons. We need YOUR help with all the consumable supplies!

Let's join together to provide the students with supplies to help run the STEAM BUS effectively. Drop off for supplies will kick off on July 28th. See the list below of items needed for the STEAM BUS:

Wide rule paper (5 packs)
Printer paper (1 ream)
Cardstock (1 pack-yellow)
Composition books (25)
Unsharpened pencils (20 packs)
Large rubber bands (4 packs)
Small rubber bands (4 packs)
Jumbo craft sticks (3 packs)
Meter sticks (4)
Aluminum foil (3 boxes)
Clear tape (10 rolls)
Graph paper (2 packs)
Dry erase markers (5 sets)
Index cards (3 packs)
Scissors (10 pairs)
AA batteries (40)
Stapler (2 heavy-duty)
Ink Pens (2 packs)
Sharpies (large pack of assorted colors)
Paper towels (3 rolls)
Self-sealing plastic bags (sandwich size-1 box)
Small disposable cups (large pack-paper cups)
Large disposable cups (plastic red – large pack)
Plastic spoons (48 count)
Plastic forks (48 count)
Clear plastic wrap (3 rolls)
Binder clips (large-1 inch)
Metal paint tray (10)
Twine (50 yds)
Paperclips (large and small-1 box each)