Sunburst Winter Princess/Prince Pageant

The Sunburst Winter Princess/Prince Pageant is a competition that includes babies, (both boys and girls three years and under) and females up to 27 years old. Winner in each age group will receive a beautiful crown, trophy and a paid entry fee to the state finals.

There are two ways to enter into the Pageant.

1. Arrive at the Mall at Johnson City one hour before the pageant starts with cash only ($50). Entry forms will be available then or you may pick one up at the Mall Management office or inside the mall anywhere a pageant sign is posted.

2. Go to the website and click on "Local Pageant Dates" and wait for the map to appear. Click on your state, scroll down to the pageant location you are entering. Click "register online" and fill out the form and pay. Arrive 30 minutes before the pageant starts.

Girl Age Groups:

Under 1-year olds, 1-year-olds, 2-3 year-olds, 4-6 year-olds (PeeWee), 7-10 year-olds (Lt. Miss), 11-13 year-olds (Pre-Teen), 14-17 year-olds (Teen), 18-27 year-olds (Miss/Mrs)

Boy Age Groups:

Newborn-23 months, 2-4 year olds

Girls may wear a short or long gown, pageant or evening gown, prom dress, any special occasion dress or holiday dress/gown or flower girl dress.

Boys may wear a nice outfit or Sunday best.