Allied Universal

Retail Security Officer

Jobs Description

Allied Universal Services is currently searching for a full-time Retail Security Officer. At Allied Universal, quality starts and ends with our Professional Security Officer. Its the professionalism, competence and commitment that make the difference. At Allied Universal, the Retail Security Officer serves and secures the merchants, patrons, and employees of the centers they serve. Key Responsibilities: • Patrol facility and/or perform fixed-post duties as instructed • Serve as a general security presence and visible deterrent to crime and client rule infractions • Detect suspicious activities and watch for criminal acts or client rule infractions at or near assigned post which may be a threat to the property, client or employees at the site • Report all incidents, accidents and/or medical emergencies • Follows procedures to respond to emergencies and alarms, such as medical incident or bomb threats, or fire alarms or intrusion Retail Security Officer Quality Standards: • Comes to work well rested and alert; is on time and completes shift assignments (including overtime, if assigned) •

Education / Experience Requirements

 Has a neat, professional appearance and arrives at work dressed in complete and clean assigned uniform • Has a friendly and professional demeanor and provides quality customer service • Is a good communicator (both verbal and written) and is capable of handling typical and crisis situations both efficiently and effectively • Must be assertive verbally and not shy away from intervention with large groups of juveniles or young adults. Must be able to detain individuals if necessary • Understands and successfully executes his/her post orders including enforcement of client and company policies, rules and regulations • Is physically able to undergo training and certification in pepper foam/spray and handcuffing and can carry out duties related to the same • Must be able to successfully complete CPR, First Aid and AED training and certification • Capable of physically detaining, restraining aggressive person(s) and/or performing self-defense • May require a valid drivers license (without restrictions or medical conditions) • May require operation of a Segway (Segways have a 250 pound weight limit) Physical and Mental Functions: • Stand or walk constantly (for up to an entire shift) on various surfaces (tile, concrete, carpet); • Climb stairs, ramps, or ladders occasionally during shift; • Occasionally bend/twist at waist/knees/neck to perform various duties; • Occasionally lift or carry up to 40 pounds; • Run as needed; • Constant use of both hands and arms in reaching/handling/grasping/fingering while using phone, notepad, writing reports, and other administrative tasks; • Constant use of eyes (correctable vision to normal level required) to observe, read, interact with public and co-workers, view security monitors; includes hand/eye coordination; • Work in various environments including adverse outdoor conditions such as cold, rain or heat; • Constant mental alertness and attention to detail required while setting priorities and following up on assignments.

How to Apply

apply online: here